Our Approach

Our Approach

We follow the 'grandmother rule' at our office.  We commit to live by this prinicpal which states that we wouldn't sell our customers anything that we wouldn't sell to our own grandmother.

Taking into account the needs of your organization is our number one priority.  We commit to serve you and care for your employees like nobody else.

Our Story

Our Story

Our company has roots back to 1971 when Lyle Bowen was selling life insurance across the kitchen table to families up and down the Eastern Idaho corridor.

Today we've re-focused and now our focus is benefits.  We work with employers to educate their employees and to make the benefits administration as easy as possible.

Meet the Team

Our uncompromising principles of doing the right thing for our client helps you to know that we're on the same side of the table as you.  We work with you to provide competitive solutions for your employees.

Idaho Falls Broker

Sheldon Christensen, RHU©


Sheldon Christensen has worked in benefits for over 16 years.  He's never happy with the status quo.  He's constantly seeking a better way of doing business for our clients.

In 2015 Sheldon earned a prestigious designation called the Registered Health Underwriter.  His drive for continuous education and experience has helped him to become a better and more knowledgeable advisor to his clients.


Benefits Broker

Kimball Jeppesen

Account Manager

Kimball Jeppesen joined Ascent Benefits in 2015.  He's been an integral part of the team and has implemented strategies and processes that make life easier for you.

Kimball has an incredible attention to detail.  He's very meticulous and he really cares for each of his accounts.

You can rely on Kimball to help you through any challenges that might arise.  His integrity, work ethic, and attentiveness will really help you with your benefits administration.


Stephanie Birch


Stephanie is a customer favorite.
She focuses on helping employers with their enrollments and changes.

Stephanie's expertise is in customer service.  She really enjoys assisting the customers with their needs and ensuring that they have a positive experience.  You'll enjoy working with Stephanie


Tyler Christensen

Individual Sales

Tyler helps all of our individual customers. He's a YourHealthIdaho guru and knows the process to quickly assist you with enrollment.

He'll dazzle you with stories of travels to farway lands. He'll make you smile and mostly he'll help you with your insurance.




Next Steps...

Call us and let us provide a service proposal to your organization.  You can reach us at 208.552.5802